Belle Exotique’s editorial section is perhaps the most creative segment of the magazine. Here you can find our take on the world of fashion showcased through photographs of the latest designs we put together in collaboration with artists of different platforms as we travel around the world. See the latest fashion creations from cities such as Moscow, Beijing, New York City, Venice, Paris, Bogota as well as others from around the globe.
Take a moment to forget about your daily routine, the to-do list and explore the furthest corners of your imagination by taking in magical stories of love, femininity, and beauty. The fairytale awaits you with breath-taking images, a playful display of color, shape and form, taking place in the most exotic locations imaginable. The photographs will take on the culture of the country where they are being shot, while the artists, photographers, writers and art directors will help shape the image and tale to bring you the most stimulating stories yet.


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