She is the goddess of the forest, a mythological creature of great kindness and beauty. Her fingers are long and elegant as they caress the beasts and birds alike. Her gaze is steady, thoughtful, mezmorizing…

The creatures of the forest bow down to her, they know that she is one of them now. In her escape, this sweet Wonderland, where like in a dream she can be safe from all the hurt. The world stands still here, it is always warm, harsh winds of sorrow cannot break the invisible walls.

From each one she learns a lesson.

Like her, the peacock is a beautiful and colourful creature. Hard not to notice hard not to fall in love with. Yet, just as peacocks were given to courtesans in Italy in the 18th century, beautiful women have had the same value for some men. The peacock gives her strength to treasure her beauty, yet keep it safe from such exploits.

The camel has it’s own might. It is an animal of the desert, he can withstand the hottest of all climates. A survivor can go on without water or any source of food for days on end. No other animal is able to endure and adopt quite like a camel can. Endurance is the lesson.

Lastly, the lizard. These reptiles are known for their amazing tails. Their tails are often very different from the rest or their body, it’s colours can be as striking as a rainbow. Yet it is very deceptive. Often a perpetrator trying to catch a lizard will grab it by it’s tail. As the lizard struggles to get free, it is actually wiggling away, confusing it’s attacker and getting away, while leaving it’s tail behind. Over the next two weeks a lizard will grow it’s tail back and continue on as usual. From the lizard the goddess of the forest learns the art of getting away, the lesson of misdirection.

In this magical forrest everyone is a friend, they are all ready to land a helping hand, and in a wonderland they lie…

They will embrace her here, give her all the love she needs, still she wonders if there is something more…

Photography by Katerina Plotnikova exclusively for “Belle Exotique” Magazine.





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