The root of the gypsy soul lies in an ancient Greek mythological creature.

Hekate was the goddess of witchcraft, the night and the moon. Her being is closely connected to the she-dog beast. A lone wolf meant to run wild under the full moon.

The mythological creature possessed mysterious divinity and was the queen of all nature.

Her powers are used for good and evil. Just like nature she is beautiful and warm as a humid summer’s day in the ancient gardens, while her wrath is as cold as the bitter North wind that goes right through the bones and turns even the hottest blooded creature to stone.

She may appear as a horse, a dog or a lion…

In ancient Greece sacrifices were regularly laid at her invisible feet to avert evil. In the evening people would put out dishes full of meat and honey just outside their homes, and by morning everything would be gone.

Some say on those nights she was seen as a single headed snake-like create, others talk of a three-headed monster.

Yet the latter is just a rumor for the myth warns us that those who have seen the monster under a full moon never lived long enough to tell the tale.


 Phorography by Katerina Plotnikova exclusively for “Belle Exotique” magazine





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